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Financial Planning for Veterinary Professionals - So you can spend more time doing what you do best

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Proudly Serving Veterinarians Since 1967

Our mission is to help veterinarians and their families secure their futures by developing thorough financial plans, efficiently creating long-term wealth, and maximizing retirement income. We do so by providing macroeconomic oversight, comprehensive planning, and tax-aware strategies that help each client uncover gaps and identify opportunities. Across our services, the VetWealth team offers thorough guidance and thoughtful support. Our clients gain clarity in their wealth management, and walk with the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re on the right financial path.

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Our Team


R. Travis Evans | CFP

Senior Financial Advisor

Travis is a highly experienced financial advisor who is dedicated to enriching our clients’ lives by providing clarity and confidence in their financial decision making. He honors the legacy of our 3-generation family business to support clients with unparalleled, personalized service and thorough support across their wealth management. With each client, Travis aims to meet and exceed their financial goals with comprehensive financial planning that helps them avoid unnecessary risks, debt traps, and taxation, while prioritizing asset growth and protection. 


Travis is distinguished in the financial services industry as a best-selling co-author of 2 books and has earned numerous credentials. He is a Certified Financial Planner and strictly adheres to the CFP® code of ethics. Helping our clients improve their lives is his mission, and Travis puts each of our clients’ needs first in everything his does on their behalf. From providing macroeconomic oversight to developing strategic financial plans, Travis is mindful of his clients’ goals and needs, and works every day to make their vision possible.


Unique in his training, Travis is also one of less than 500 elite tax professionals that have completed the American Institute for Certified Tax Coaches’ training academy. As a result, he received the Certified Tax Coach designation and adamantly stays current with new legislation and ever-changing solutions that could impact clients’ goals and open up new possibilities. He’s also developed a proprietary process, Economic Efficiency Engineering®, that utilizes conservative and academically verified methodology to provide greater forecasted retirement income.


Before joining his father’s financial advisory business in 1992, Travis spent one year as a commercial real estate appraiser. After this experience, he realized that helping people steward their assets was his calling. So, he joined the family business in order to apply his skills and help make a difference in our clients’ lives. Between 1986 and 1991, Travis earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in 5 ½ years, and represented Texas A&M as a scholarship athlete on both the football and rodeo teams. While in school, Travis was elected Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s Male Athlete of the Year in Texas and was a two-time award winner of GTE’s Academic Achievement Award for student athletes. 


Widowed in 2005, Travis is the proud father of Landon and Emilie, and in 2011, was blessed to marry Kate Toomey, a fellow Aggie and owner of Life-In-Stride Riding Academy. In his spare time, Travis enjoys serving as a director for the Texas Senior Pro Rodeo Assoc, spending time with family and friends, fishing, hunting, and training horses. He and Kate also love to travel and enjoy visiting tropical beaches and exploring new destinations.


T. Landon Evans

Managing Partner

Landon joined VetWealth in 2016 with the unique advantage of being mentored by both his father and grandfather. Landon takes pride in continuing the family’s legacy of helping to enrich the financial lives of others. His background is in asset protection, and as Managing Partner he oversees the operation and growth of the company as a whole.
Landon takes a goal focused approach to designing strategies for his clients and believes that being a good listener and educator is paramount to the planning process. He takes the time to thoroughly translate concepts and create clarity in clients’ financial strategies, and engages in meaningful conversations that help remove confusion from the wealth building journey. Landon believes that though past trends and performance provide perspective, they are only a small part of planning for the future. From this perspective he microanalyses all available solutions to develop a macro-plan.  Treating clients like family is what inspires him most in business, and he is steadfast in fostering lifelong, meaningful relationships.
A graduate of Texas A&M University, Landon earned a bachelor’s degree in history in 2018. During college he coached high school football (named offensive coordinator by age 21) while also playing in a country band that at its height played over 100 shows a year. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and hosting dinner events, dog training, wrist watches, live music, cards, and dominoes. Landon is the proud companion to the Labrador Rollie.


Robert D. Evans | RFC


After graduating from Texas A&M in 1965 and playing two season of professional football (Houston Oilers) , Bob began serving the veterinarians he respects and admires.  Nationally recognized as a leader in providing risk management solutions to veterinarians, Bob has been the Texas A&M campus AVMA|LIFE Rep since 1968. Together with his son, Travis, Bob works to assist clients with customized, comprehensive wealth management and insurance planning solutions.

Bob and his wife Carlene have two sons - Travis and Chandler. He lives on his cattle and horse ranch on the Brazos River. 


Jessica Tate

Group Benefits Specialist

Jessica is the 5th generation in a West Texas ranching family.  Growing up she was taught the value of integrity, dedication, and hard work. Jessica earned a full scholarship on the Texas A&M Equestrian team and graduated from Texas A&M in 2005 with a B.S. in Agricultural Development. She went to work for an insurance brokerage, and then realized she could better serve her clients as an independent agent. In 2010,  Jessica partnered with Bob Evans and his team, as it was clear all shared the goal of providing service that put the client first.  

Jessica assists veterinarians with Group Health plans and Medicare Supplements. 

Randy Carsch (Veterinary Sales and Consulting) has partnered with VetWealth to provide sales, appraisals, valuations and increased profitability to veterinary hospitals and veterinary clinics throughout Texas. His strength is finding the “potential growth” in a practice and converting that potential into additional dollars resulting in significantly improved financials.

Dr. Randy Carsch received his DVM from Texas A&M. In addition to having been a successful veterinary practice owner and owner of multiple hospitals, Dr. Carsch has combined his knowledge of veterinary medicine with business management expertise to help other practices grow. In 1984, Dr. Carsch purchased his first clinic in the Pacific Northwest for $76,000. He sold it 14 years later for more than $1 million in cash. He went on to merge another practice and start a third from scratch.

Visit Dr. Carsch's website at or email him at


About Us

VetWealth is an independent financial practice driven to help our clients secure their futures and make the most of their financial lives. Based in College Station, Texas our 3-generation family business works together to serve individuals, businesses, and families with proactive, thorough financial services. Our clients become a part of that family, and our entire team dedicates our efforts to helping them optimize their financial lives to plan for the future while living prosperously today.


Collectively, we have over 9 decades of experience serving the veterinary community and apply our expertise to serve as a lifelong ally to our clients. Making a difference in our clients’ lives is one of the most important responsibilities we hold. Whether helping a young graduate build their financial foundation or a pre-retiree create an income stream, we at VetWealth are deliberate in our process and personalize our support. Intimate service and steadfast relationships are the bedrock of our practice, and we work daily to uphold this commitment and support each client with care.


As an independent practice, we have access to the widest array of financial solutions. We are able to leverage our unparalleled network of affiliated specialists to deepen our investment and tax oversight. This empowers us to achieve the highest standards of our fiduciary responsibility. Our  efforts are guided by a commitment to building comprehensive financial plans that account for the unique needs and priorities of each individual. Today and every day, we work to ensure that each person and family can pursue the goals that inspire them and enrich their lives with every financial decision they make.


Services That We Provide

Exit and Retirement Planning

VetWealth assists veterinarians to plan for the eventual transition into retirement, maximizing the after tax proceeds available to provide passive income streams in retirement.  Utilizing proprietary methodology, we typically see substantial increases in retirement for those who implement our efficiency audits into their comprehensive plans.

Debt Reduction

Whether you have recently graduated from vet school with large student loans, or have numerous personal and business creditors, VetWealth can equip you with advanced software to determine the most efficient pathway towards complete debt reduction and financial freedom, optimizing your wealth building potential.   We give more than lip service to debt reduction…rather, we build it into every financial plan, saving our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have been lost to financial institutions.


Proactive Tax Strategies

We understand that veterinarians need more than bookkeeping and historical accounting. As income increases, proactive tax mitigation becomes a critical and essential component of sound financial planning.  From personal tax plans to engineered cost segregation and property tax reduction, we allow our clients to see a thorough savings assessment prior to

any obligation to hire our team.


Asset Management

There are thousands of investment choices in the market place today.  To help doctors make sense of it all, we equip veterinarians with information based on extensive research and experience, looking for proven money managers in good years, but even more importantly in the down years.  We combine the proper choices into models available to help maximize your portfolio earning potential.  Doing the due diligence first allows us to concentrate on your exact needs when we begin your financial planning process.


It’s one thing to develop a financial or wealth management plan; it’s another to make sure it continues to be executed successfully.  As time goes by, your goals and needs may change, and we will work with you to ensure the plan and portfolios we recommend and implement are the best fit for your current situation.


Insurance and Risk Management

Veterinarians can save a small fortune on their insurance plans by working with experienced, independent fiduciaries.  VetWealth advisors have a distinct advantage over other agents by being able to advise on AVMA benefits, as well as other highly rated and competitive companies.


Contact Us

General Questions or don't know where to get started? Contact the main office:

(979) 846-9476  |

Financial Planning (Retirement, Savings, College Funding, etc) :

Travis Evans  |   (979) 846-3570  |

Insurance (Health, Disability, Life, Long Term Care, etc):

Landon Evans  |   (979) 221-6676  |

Clinic Management (Practice Enhancement, Buyer/Seller Representation, Valuations):

Dr. Randy Carsch  |   (469) 867-3647

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